Conversation Cafes

Every second month, EBDN hosts casual conversation cafes on emerging or trending topics. The idea is that we convene a space where members can drop in to chat about pressing issues of the day, or follow up conversations from popular EBDN events.

We’ve had 3 cafes so far, covering topics of Inclusion of Trans-identified individuals, the #MeToo movement, and most recently in October, the role of social media in influencing conversations about diversity and inclusion.

We touched on current topics where relevant, including Serena Williams and Brett Kavanaugh. We discussed what is helpful, what is harmful, what hits home the most.

Happily, our numbers at the cafes are growing – last time we had 12 members out to a boardroom at Edmonton Tower for a great and engaging lunch hour!

Stay tuned for the next cafe topic, which will be hosted by Dentons on 11 December.

EBDN Event: Managing Diverse Teams (September 2019)

We started the 2018/2019 EBDN year with our annual “Looking Back and Moving Forward” event.  During this session, we reviewed the past year, outlined our plans for this years’ events and provided those in attendance with the opportunity to share their thoughts about what EBDN means to them.  Words shared included:

Game changer   Growth   Tremendous   Intriguing   Lucky   Supportive   Unlonely   Community   Comfortably uncomfortable   Learning & sharing   Refreshing   Energizing    Safe   Tribe

We are pleased and proud to support our community in this way.

Your feedback matters. Thank you to everyone who participated in our annual member survey – we had our best response rate ever! The information gathered from this survey provides the EBDN Board with valuable insight and guidance on the topics that are important to you, our members. The feedback you share is used to determine our event topics for the year.

  • Managing Diverse Teams
  • Intercultural Competencies
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Microagressions
  • Indigenous Awareness in the Workforce

As the EBDN board shared last year, we are committed to providing a session on Indigenous topics each year in support of the TRC.

The full calendar of events, covering the bi-monthly topics as well as the Conversation Cafe dates and locations can be found here.

Special Presentation – Managing Diverse Teams – presented by presented by Erin Waugh, Lead Diversity & Inclusion Consultant at NorQuest College.

Erin provided us with a new perspective on managing diverse teams; challenging us to think about how superhero teams, such as the “X-People”, Avengers and Fantastic Four” manage diversity.  These teams are often comprised of unique individuals where everyone’s strengths are known, acknowledged and appreciated and utilized to achieve a common goal or outcome for the betterment of society (or a team).  Raising the question – should we focus on managing diversity, rather than managing diverse teams?

If we were to ask – what would your superpower be?

Erin also brought forth the concept of a Do-ocracy versus Democracy, and how these teams move forward to their common goal by doing, not by discussing how to do it.

Thank you to the City of Edmonton for hosting, TD Bank for sponsoring breakfast and NorQuest College for sharing Erin’s time and experience with our group.

Details on our next session scheduled for November 6, in collaboration with ERIEC, can be found here.