In May of 2016, EBDN hosted their final network meeting for the year entitled “The Elephant in the Room”.  Due to the high engagement and breadth of material introduced, we were unable to cover all of Candy’s presentation in the allotted time and it was agreed that a second session was required.

Below is a snapshot of the sessions.

May 11 –The “Elephant in the room: difficult diversity discussions” network meeting gave members and their guests an opportunity to learn about and discuss sensitive diversity topics in a safe and open environment.

Candy Khan, Senior D&I Consultant at the  City of Edmonton, led this interactive session and explored topics such as barriers to expressing your authentic self in the workplace, equity versus equality, gender parity, and race.

June 21 – The continuation of this session involved Candy once again engaging us in a fascinating discussion on diversity, positionality and equality.  This session also provided the opportunity to delve into some case studies which resulted in thought provoking discussion.

The feedback with respect to these network meetings was very positive highlighting Candy’s strength in facilitation, her humor, engagement, knowledge and conviction in the need for and importance of diversity and inclusion.

The sessions were hosted by Access Emploi at La Cité Francophone with a delicious hot breakfast served by Café Bicyclette.

We would like to extend a big thank you again to Café Bicyclette, Acces Emploi, and La Cité Francophone for hosting the event, Candy Khan for creating such a safe and engaging space to have these difficult diversity discussions.  Further thanks to Dentons, Enbridge, Stantec and TD Bank for sponsoring the event.