March 2016 -Building a Diversity and Inclusion Initiative

I am delighted to announce our next workshop, delivered in partnership with Diversified Transportation, Norquest College and Enbridge.

Diversified Transportation has been an important player in the growth and development of Alberta’s economy since the 1960s. Building a diversity and inclusion initiative was identified as strategic to staff attraction and retention and achieving business success with its extremely diverse workforce.  Participants in the session will gain insights and engage with the:

  • Factors that drove and sustained the Diversified business case in a time of economic downturn
  • Selection of strategic staff and champions for the initiative
  • Approach to obtaining funding to support the multi-month initiative
  • Experiences and insights of Diversified leadership through the process
  • Learnings from NorQuest Centre for Intercultural Education on design and implementation
  • Initiative’s outcomes and future direction

Time for question and answer as well as participant experience sharing will be incorporated into the session’s process.


  • Dan Finley – VP HR Strategy, Diversified Transportation
  • Todd Odgers – Principal of NorQuest College’s Centre for Intercultural Education

Sign up:

Please sign up for the event here.  We appreciate your doing this in advance so that we can ensure our space is large enough and we have ordered enough breakfast for you!

Location details:

Enbridge Learning Forum: 10201 Jasper Avenue. Accessed on Jasper avenue just west of the main Enbridge Tower Lobby