March 11 – How Do You Measure Up: Benchmarking Your Diversity Journey.

In this lively and interactive session, participants will learn about the Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks (GDIB). Participants will then have an opportunity to assess their own organizations, followed by a discussion on how they can move their organization forward. Participants will walk away with a practical roadmap for their organizations based on globally recognized benchmarks.

Cathy Gallagher-Louisy – Director, Knowledge Services.

Cathy Gallagher-Louisy is an experienced diversity and inclusion (D&I) professional and a certified intercultural trainer and coach, with over twenty years of experience in human resources and project management roles within corporate, government, and non-profit organizations. Cathy leads the CIDI’s research portfolio and is the author of the report What Gets Measured Gets Done: Measuring the Return on Investment of Diversity and Inclusion.  She also helps partner organizations and clients develop strategic D&I and cultural competence strategies, programs, and tools.  Additionally, Cathy leads the Institute’s community outreach portfolio and is responsible for managing the CIDI’s volunteer initiatives and developing the CIDI’s partnerships with charities, non-profit and community agencies serving different demographic groups throughout Canada. Through her work with the CIDI, Cathy has authored several articles for magazines and trade publications, including Municipal World, BCHRMA’s People Talk magazine, and the HRIA’s HUMANCapital magazine.

Cathy is the lead instructor for the Centennial College online Certificate in Leadership and Inclusion and she is also a faculty member at the University of Toronto St. Michael’s College Certificate in Corporate Social Responsibility, lecturing on ‘The Employee as Stakeholder in CSR’ and ‘Diversity as an Essential Aspect of CSR’. She has recently delivered diversity and cultural competence training sessions at the University of Lethbridge, the University of Toronto’s School of Physical Therapy, the Ontario Police College, Georgian College, and the Canadian Centre for Ethics and Corporate Policy.

About the CCDI.

The Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI) is a made-in-Canada solution designed to help employers, and diversity and inclusion (D&I), Human Rights and Equity (HR&E) and human resources (HR) practitioners effectively address the full picture of diversity, equity and inclusion within the workplace.

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